What you need to know about trailer towbars

The trailer towbar, also known as a towbar ball, tow ball or simply towbar, is an accessory that is installed on the rear of the vehicle and that allows you to tow a trailer, a caravan or a towbar system on the ball (bicycle carriers and cargo carriers), to increase the load capacity of the car and/or transport materials and animals that can dirty or damage the car.

The towbar or tow ball has a wide range of utilities, its main uses being:

  • To pull agricultural trailers, livestock, industrial and professional use.
  • Cargo trailers for leisure: camping, nautical, bicycles, motorcycles, horses and all kinds of loads that do not fit in the trunk or could damage the vehicle.
  • Trailers for private use: home and garden
  • To carry ball carriers, bicycle carriers, motorcycle carriers, pet carriers, suitcases and cargo in general.
  • Special trailers for street vending, platforms for cars, hamburger restaurants, equestrian and other loads of great weight or volume.

Fixed ball: There are several models of fixed ball, however, the gooseneck ball, with a more refined and elegant line, is the most demanded by users. Among its features, it stands out that it is the most economical and can be removed with tools. Recommended in the case of using the towbar frequently. Due to its characteristics, the fixed ball is always visible.

Removable horizontal ball: It incorporates a mechanism that facilitates the assembly and disassembly of the ball manually, without tools. It is mandatory to install a removable ball when it partially or totally hides the registration plate or the fog light. Lafuente incorporates a double security system in this type of ball called half twist.

Removable vertical ball: The main characteristic of this type of system is that, when the ball is removed, both the towbar body and the electronic kit are hidden by the bumper, completely maintaining the aesthetics of the vehicle. At first glance, it appears that there is no towbar installed. The system to place and remove the ball is very easy to use.

Yes, all towbars require an electrical connection to repeat the rear lighting functions of the vehicle on the trailer or load carrier.
In general, there are two types: the 7-pole kit, which is normally used for trailers of less than 750 kg or load carrier with a 7-pole connector. And the 13-pole kits that are mandatory for trailers over 750 kg as well as for caravans. The 13-pole kits are more functional systems, they incorporate the reversing light, as well as the direct positive so that the caravans can have an interior light and can maintain the temperature of the refrigerator when the vehicle is on the road.

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What you need to know about trailers

A trailer is a vehicle without a motor designed for loading and transporting goods. It is attached to the towbar of the motor vehicle so that it can move it.

Depending on the car's towing capacity, we can differentiate between two types of trailers, trailers with a Maximum Towable Weight -PMR- of less than 3,500 kilos (utility cars) or high tonnage, intended for trucks.
Trailers can be manufactured with different types of materials and must always be adapted to the type of load to be towed, both for light loads and for domestic use and for the transport of boats, motorcycles, isothermal or the transport of live animals, such as dogs or horses,< br>Platform trailers, with open boxes, closed with covers, awnings or other materials, there is always a trailer for a specific load, therefore, it is very important to know what type of products are going to be transported in order to find the best solution.< br>Finally, the same trailer can have different endings

  • Single axle or double axle.
  • With brake or without inertia brake.
  • With or without tilting arm (manual or hydraulic).
  • Types of tires, with small rims for short distances, 13 to 14-inch wheels for long distances or with All Terrain wheels for agricultural and industrial use.
  • Isothermal

At Lafuente we manufacture a wide range of serial trailers for different cargo needs, and we also design and manufacture a la carte trailers, to cover the particular needs of each client, and always complying with the commitment that characterizes us, offering quality, safety, service and design.

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What you need to know about bike carriers

There are multiple ways to transport bicycles by car. Inside the passenger compartment of the car with the seats folded down. In this case it is very important to secure the load to prevent it from moving (it is very dangerous in case of accidents) and to cover the seats so that they do not stain the upholstery.
The bicycle carriers on the car roof are cheap, however, they are in disuse due to the difficulty of placing them on the vehicle and the number of damaged bicycles.
The rear door bicycle carrier is an economical option and widely used in motorhomes, however, in the case of automobiles, with the use, it can break the tailgate and allow water to enter the trunk.
According to different market studies, the ball system is considered the best option for transporting bicycles comfortably and safely:

  • The load is outside the passenger compartment, it does not lose space inside it, it does not stain the vehicle and, above all, it does not endanger your safety or that of the people accompanying you.
  • Bicycles can be loaded and download comfortably, easily and quickly, without need for tools.
  • There are different models, for the transport of one and up to four bicycles.
  • It incorporates a light system that repeats the rear lighting of the vehicle, offering greater safety in the driving. These systems are connected to the car through a 7 / 13 pin socket.

At Lafuente we have designed and manufactured our TransBike Series, completely collapsible and collapsible so that it occupies as little space as possible when not in use and to be able to access the trunk even with the bicycles loaded by simply stepping on a lever. They have an anti-theft in the structure of the bike carrier and in the individual supports of each bicycle. Product of national manufacture. Also available for electric bikes. Excellent quality at the best price

They can be transported, depending on the model, from one to four bicycles easily and quickly.
Comfortable when installing and removing it, without the need for tools.
It has an anti-theft device on the structure of the bike carrier and on the individual supports of each bicycle.
With folding system for access to the trunk of the vehicle even with the bicycles mounted with the simple step of a lever.
These systems are connected to the car through a 7 / 13-pin socket.
Look at the characteristics of each bike carrier to know the useful capacity of each one.

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