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Cargo Trailers

Lafuente® manufactures a wide range of trailers in series for different cargo needs and we manufacture trailers on demand covering the transport needs of the market always with our commitment that characterizes us of quality, safety, service and design.

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Nautic Trailers

The Lafuente® Nautical Series trailers are designed for the safe and efficient transport of sailboats, motor boats, jet skis, canoes, fishing boats, windsurf boards, catamarans, etc.< br />Finishes with a hot-dip galvanized treatment and equipped as standard with winch, jockey wheel and spare wheel.

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Motorcycles Trailers

The Lafuente® trailers of the Motorcycle and Quad Series are designed for easy loading and unloading, with reliable transportation and without driving risks. We offer several trailer systems that will cover all your needs. It covers a wide range of trial, cross, road motorcycles, 4×4 quads, competition, etc.

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Horses Trailers

Lafuente® equestrian trailers are the ideal option for transporting horses.
They are manufactured in different types of materials, bringing together the quality and safety that characterizes our brand.
Models available for the transport of 1 or 2 horses.

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Platform Trailers

Our Lafuente® flatbed trailers are manufactured with different types of materials according to cargo, automotive, multipurpose, industrial, agricultural and livestock needs, etc.

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