General Conditions

What follows is the contractual document that will govern the orders of products and services through the website owned by Hermanos Sánchez Lafuente, S.A. (henceforth the provider). Acceptance of this document means that the user:

  • a - Has read, understands and comprehends what is outlined here.
  • b- Is a person with sufficient capacity to purchase.
  • c- Assumes all of the obligations outlined here

These conditions shall remain valid for an indefinite period and will apply to all the orders made via the website and APP Lafuente. The provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify the Conditions, without this affecting goods or promotions that were acquired prior to the modification, except in the case of errors.

Please remember, apart from these general conditions, each client has their own particular conditions agreed to beforehand. Without this condition, the website is not prepared to place an order.

Identity of the parties

On one hand, the supplier of the goods or services requested by the user is Hermanos Sánchez Lafuente, S.A., with business address at C/ Ruiz y Máiquez, 60 29590 Campanillas (Málaga, Spain), holder of Company Tax Number A29091519, customer service number (+34) 952 625 840, and on the other hand, the user, registered on the website via a user name and/or email and password provided beforehand by the provider.

Purpose of the contract

The purpose of this contract is to regulate the contractual relationship that is established when the client places an order with the provider.

General Information

The conditions outlined on this page are only for orders placed on the website These products, except in the case of force majeure, can be sold in all of the places following contact with our company to establish payment methods and delivery. All of our products are approved at a European level, however, we can sell around the world.

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the characteristics and prices of products without prior warning. All of the prices that appear on this website are suggested RRP; they do not include transport or VAT.

In order to place orders or create budgets, beforehand, either via telephone or on a sales visit, we will compile the data that we need to register you. Once you have been added as a "client", the WEB provides you with a username and password in order to manage orders, create budgets, download instruction manuals, … Therefore, the preparatory step is to contact us by phone, fill out the web form or to have a visit from one of our sales representatives.

The photographs used on this website, are the property of Hermanos Sanchez-Lafuente, S.A, otherwise, the images used are from the website with a Creative Commons 3.0 licence, share the same and without modifications.

The only currency used will be Euros.

The procedure to place an order can be made in Spanish, German, English, French and Portuguese.

If payment has been agreed via receipts or bills of exchange, all resulting expenses that may arise shall be borne by the purchaser. The address for payment of the price is that of the seller therefore even in the case of bills of exchange, payment via cheques, or other giro payments, if the purchaser has not made payment when due they will be obliged to pay at the address of the seller.

For any information about the order, the user can contact the customer service number which is (+34) 952 625 840 or via email at the email address

Procedure for placing the order and delivery

Users who wish to make an order for the first time should request registration through our site our contact us via telephone or through the visit of a sales representative. Once the registration form has been filled in, we automatically register you on our site and we will call you or a sales representative will visit in order to agree the particular conditions. Users that have already registered, need to enter their email address and password in order to begin and place their order. Please remember that this process is solely reserved for professionals. If you are an individual, please contact us, it is not possible to place an order directly. The user undertakes to diligently use their password and not to provide it to third parties, and to also inform the provider if they lose or forget it, or in the event of possible access by a non-authorized third party, so that it can be blocked immediately. Our website will inform the user, once the order has been completed, about all the characteristics, that said, it is the sales person who authorizes the dispatch, and according to the client (risk, destination…) and characteristics of the order (available stock, SAD, palletisation, client´s own agency…) confirms the dispatch, date and costs (if applicable) to the client. The delivery conditions are recorded in the client file (previously agreed upon), and are modified if the client specifies so for a specific order, or wishes to change them permanently.

The goods covered by this document travel at the purchaser´s own risk and expense. While out of courtesy Hermanos Sánchez-Lafuente S.A will offer the services of certain carriers with proven quality and prices, the purchaser should list possible incidents or damage to the product caused by transportation on the carrier´s delivery note, that are detected, and within a period of more than 24 hours.

The provider does not assume any liability for when delivery of the product or service does not take place as a consequence of the data provided by the user being false, inexact or incomplete or when the delivery cannot be carried out for causes beyond the control of the shipping company, assigned for that purpose, such as the absence of the recipient.

Depending on the products requested, the shipping and delivery times are approximately:

  • Towbars: We have permanent stock, except in the case of occasional breakages. Delivery is normally by courier, therefore in the peninsula it is 24/48 hrs.
  • Trailers: Upon request. Loads less than 750 kg from 48 to 72 hrs. Loads of over 750kg are normally via high volume transport, within a period of 72hrs to 120hrs, depending on the zone on a national level. Therefore, depending on whether or not a product is in stock, shipping will take place before this.
  • Accessories: We normally have stock, except in the case of occasional breakages. Delivery is normally by courier, therefore in the peninsula it is 24/48 hrs.


Returns will not be accepted after 30 days from the date of delivery of the merchandise.

Returns of import towbars (EIxxxx), reform towbars (E0xxxx) and specific electronic Kits (KExxxxxx, KDxxxxxx) will not be accepted.

Products that once tested, used or installed can no longer be sold as new will not be accepted.

Loose accessories that complement other main base products will not be accepted.

Products manufactured under customer specifications will not be accepted (tailor-made trailers, custom-made axles, refurbishment towbars, ...).

For the return to be valid, it must be previously communicated to Lafuente and be authorized. The merchandise must be returned in its original packaging, with the complete content and must be accompanied by the authorized return document.

The return will not be considered valid until it is received and reviewed by Lafuente. If necessary, the amount corresponding to the costs of reconditioning the merchandise, as well as the corresponding transport costs, will be deducted from the return. The return amount will be deducted from future purchases. If no payment is made, the returned merchandise will have a period of 20 days to be claimed, once this time has elapsed it will be destroyed.

Incidences with transport. In case of receiving damaged, deteriorated or incomplete merchandise for reasons that can be assumed by transport, it is necessary that you inform us by email to within a maximum period of 24 hours. Remember to check the condition of the merchandise at the time you receive it.


The hitches that appear on this website include those manufactured with national approval as well as those with European approval in accordance with 94/20/EC and Regulation 55. Ensure, by reading the vehicle documentation, the exact model, year of manufacture, and whether a coupling device can be installed on it, as well as which approval (national or European) the vehicle has. We bear no responsibility for inappropriate installations or deliveries.
In Spain, the installation of a trailer hitch must be carried out by an authorized workshop, with the corresponding Industrial Registration, and it is obligatory to present the following documentation to the ITV (Vehicle Inspection Test) for legalisation within a period of less than a week:
- Assembly and operation manual
- Compliance Report
- Assembly certificate from an authorized workshop.
If the hitch and/or the vehicle have national approval, the legalization of the installation in the ITV (Vehicle Inspection Test) office will require a procedure that is slightly different with the provision of the Technical Project and Final completion certificate as well as the Compliance Report.

Please note: depending on the legislation of each country, it may not be necessary to have approval of the assembly and its recording on a technical sheet, as well as assembly by an authorized workshop. Before beginning to install a hitch with European approval, please read and follow the instructions that accompany the hitch. Each hitch is supplied with the necessary fastening elements for correct installation, any type of modification to the hitch (drilling, cutting, …) as well as the removal of any part, equates to cancellation of the approval of the hitch and consequently the cancellation of the product guarantee. The hitches include screws, the ball, the ball cover; the electric kit is optional. Hermanos Sanchez-Lafuente S.A does not take responsibility for electric installations or installations of any other kind carried out on vehicles.

Our products are approved, complying with the established standards and legal criteria that guarantee road safety, it is totally forbidden to make any modification, transformation or alteration to them. Hermanos Sánchez Lafuente, S.A does not take responsibility for the consequences that may result from this, as well as incorrect use. The installed hitch ball should not obscure or affect the visibility of the rear registration plate; if that is not possible, it is necessary to use a hitch ball that can be disassembled without special tools. We do not take responsibility for electric installations or installations of any other kind carried out on vehicles. All of the hitches that feature on this Website are "Hitches adapted to the aforementioned brands and models".

Applicable Guarantee

All items offered on our website are covered by our official manufacturer’s guarantee, under the conditions established by law, for a period of two to three years from the date of delivery (for deliveries from January 1st, 2022). The guarantee does not cover defects caused by negligence, blows, improper use or tampering, connection to the mains supply in a manner different from that indicated in the user manuals, incorrect installation which may not have been carried out by an authorized technical service, or materials subject to conditional wear and tear , caused to its normal use. In the cases that justify the use of the guarantee, repair, replacement of the item, reduction or return will be chosen under the conditions established by law.
The guarantee will lose its value:
- If some of the data of the same or of the proof of purchase are modified, altered or replaced.

In order to claim the guarantee within the legally stipulated period of two to three years after delivery of the product (for deliveries from January 1, 2022), the presentation of the proof of purchase is mandatory. After this period and in the event that the purchased product was covered by an additional manufacturer’s guarantee, the duly completed guarantee certificate must be presented together with the proof of purchase.

Defective products: Once we receive the defective product you will be sent another. In this case the change will always be made for the same item or reference. You will only be billed for the first delivery, we will bear the costs corresponding to the return and new delivery. If you wish to change the product for another, the costs for return and the new delivery will not be borne by the provider.

Product which mistakenly does not correspond to that of the order: We will bear the costs for collecting the wrong product and delivering the one that corresponds to the order placed.

The guarantees do not include defects caused by negligence, blows, improper use or handling, or materials subjected to wear from normal use.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These conditions shall govern or be interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation for matters that are not expressly outlined. In the event of any dispute that may arise from the provision of the products and services covered by these Conditions, the provider and the user agree to subject themselves to the Courts of Malaga.
Likewise, the provider and the user can subject their disputes to the arbitrations provided for in legislation on arbitration and the defence of consumers and users, and the procedures for extrajudicial settling of disputes that are established through codes of conduct or other self-regulatory instruments.