TransDog: The best option to transport your pets

TransDog Dog Carrier

TransDog the ideal product to transport your dogs safely, comfortably and hygienically. Being an extension of the trunk, it has an independent space for the animal.

The Trans Dog has been developed with state-of-the-art technology, using optimal materials to meet all the expectations you may have about transport for your animals.

Trans Dog is an excellent alternative for transporting pets outside the vehicle and as an alternative to trailers on wheels that we at Lafuente® manufacture according to customer needs.

Characteristics of TransDog Dog Carriers



Design designed to improve the comfort of the passenger compartment

Large entrance opening to the passenger compartment

High degree of thermal insulation material for greater comfort

Ventilation holes designed to they guarantee the renewal of the air and prevent the entry of rain



Curved design that provides aerodynamics and greater aesthetic appeal

Material that provides warmth to the design

Wraparound design that camouflages the metal structure (chassis). Platform embedded in the box, so the metal structure is not visible

Folding front door, like the trunk, aesthetically it is a continuation of the vehicle

Integration of the location of the pilots and registration in the same drawer

Facilidad de Transporte e Instalación

Facility of Transportation and Installation

Material selected to provide lightness

Gas spring transport wheel system

Transport wheel mechanism that reduces the effort of installing and uninstalling the device

Easy trunk access even with Trans-Dog installed



Material highly resistant to shocks, torsion and corrosion.



Drainage holes to facilitate cleaning of the interior

Removable (and replaceable) floor for cleaning

Easy-to-clean interior material



Anti-theft system that secures the TransDog to the vehicle

Cabin with recessed and key locking system

Opening gate security system to prevent inadvertent closures selected to provide lightness