Transport on towbar ball from Lafuente® Trans

Our exclusive line Lafuente® Trans has loading devices for use on a towbar, and can even be used on those vehicles that cannot legally tow trailers, as is the case of many hybrid and electric vehicles.

The Lafuente® Trans series of towbar mounts are very versatile.

We have a variety of devices designed and manufactured to transport all types of cargo:

  • Bikes Trailer
  • Pets Carrier
  • Cargo Carrier
  • Motorcycles Carrier new

Our line of TransBike Bicycle Carriers

Bicycle Transport

Maximum Capacity, Minimum Space
The most comfortable way to transport your bikes. The TransBike series is completely collapsible and collapsible, which allows them to be stored in a minimum space when not in use because it allows some movements to be made without the need to disassemble or change anything on the ball-mounted bicycle carrier.
Models for up to 4 bicycles.

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Nuestra línea de Porta Mascotas TransDog

Pet Transport

The best option for pets
TransDog is the ideal product to transport your dogs safely, comfortably and hygienically.
A trunk extension, which provides an independent space for the animal.

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Our line of TransSelf Cargo Carriers

Freight Transportation

The Lafuente luggage carriers are built to increase the vehicle's load capacity when needed, allowing great versatility of loading such as: luggage, tools, pruning debris, boxes, packages.
Our TransBag supports are fixed in seconds on any ball being the most comfortable solution for transporting luggage in the car.
With these luggage carriers you can access all garages without height problems.

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Nuestra línea de Porta Motos TransMotorBike

Motorcycle Transport

Excellent alternative to motorcycle trailer
Designed to be able to load and unload motorcycles without the need to use a ramp.
Our TransMotorBike motorcycle transport carriers are fixed in seconds on any towbar, being a comfortable solution for transporting your motorcycle in the car.
You will not lose aerodynamics, providing fuel savings, greater safety and comfort.
With the transMotorBike you will be able to access all garages without height problems.

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