TransBike Bicycle Carrier: Maximum Capacity, Minimum Space

Portabicicletas TransBike

The TransBike Bicycle Carrier allows us to transport from 1 to 4 bicycles.

The most comfortable way to transport your bicycles, because it allows you to carry out some movements without the need to disassemble or change anything about the bicycle carrier on a ball.

Within these bike carriers, there are several models, economical and high-end that are complete. For example, this type allows us to open the trunk thanks to the folding system it has, it also has anti-theft clamping arms, our TransBike bike carriers apart from all the features of the bike carriers, it is completely foldable, so it takes up very little space.< br>
You have to add the V20 plate, and in the case of the TransBike bike carriers they have license plate holders and integrated lights. They require having a tow ball installed in our vehicle, but even so, when placing the bicycle it is simpler and more comfortable than other options of bicycle carriers.

Advantages of the TransBike Bike Carrier

Máxima capacidad

OfMaximum capacity, minimum space.erta

Fully foldable, it does not take up space when stored. It can carry up to four bikes (the carriers for the third and fourth bikes are hidden and protected when not in use).

Fácil Instalación

Maximum comfort, maximum efficiency

Light, comfortable, safe and efficient. It is the best and most advanced solution for transporting bicycles by car.

Máxima comodidad

Maximum versatility, maximum facility.

Designed to be able to transport bicycles of different lengths and weights. Very easy to install.

Gama completa

A complete range for all needs

With two finish trim levels and capacity for two or four bikes, there is a TransBike for every rider.